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Brackenbury Golf is the perfect destination to elevate your golf game to new heights. Are you are a beginner looking to tee off for the first time, or a seasoned golfer seeking that extra edge? Look no further.  Students can expect top-notch instruction from golf professionals who specialize in honing every facet of the game. Let us help you start your journey to golfing excellence today!

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Private and Semi Private instruction provides personalized guidance on technique, strategy, and mental approach, helping you to develop consistent, effective swings and lower your scores

Short Game Clinics

Our short game clinics focuses on mastering the essential skills of chipping, pitching and putting.  These clinics offer personalized instruction and practice drills to improve your accuracy and control around the greens, helping you lower your scores and enhance your overall game.

Ladies Clinics

Join our ladies golf clinic for a fun and supportive environment designed to improve your game.  Connect with other golf enthusiasts, enhance your technique and enjoy the game like never before.  All skill levels are welcome!

Specialty Clinics

Our Specialty golf clinics offer focused training on specific aspects of the game.  These clinics provide targeted practice and personalized feedback to help you master specialized skills and elevate your overall performance.

Junior Golf

Our Junior golf programs offers young golfers expert coaching to develop their skills, confidence, and love for the game in a fun, engaging environment.  Private instruction, Clinics and Summer Camps available.

Playing Lessons

On-course playing lessons provide a unique opportunity to learn golf strategy and course management in real-game conditions. This hands on approach helps you apply techniques directly to your game, enhancing your performance and confidence on the the course.

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"Oakville's most popular Summer Golf Camps"

Whole In One Golf has been growing the love of the game for over 15 years.  Our golf camps, clinics and league are carefully crafted to cater to golfers of all levels, from budding beginners to seasoned pros.  Whether your swing is just starting to take shape or you are fine-tuning your game, our programs offer an inclusive and enriching experience.  Our dedicated instructors create a supportive and encouraging environment where kids can thrive, building not only golf skills but also character and confidence.  Plus, it's a fantastic way for them to enjoy the outdoors and stay active during the summer.  



Experience golf like never before at Transcend Golf.  Rain or shine, day or night you can enjoy the game you love year round.  Practice your swing, play virtual rounds on iconic courses, and receive top-notch coaching from our golf professionals.  Get ready to elevate your game in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment.  Swing by and tee up for the ultimate experience. 

2180 Dunwin Dr. Unit 4 Mississauga, Ont


2480 Homer Watson Blvd. B9&10 Kitchener, Ont

Personalized club fitting that will maximize your performance! 
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