Regularly scheduled evening clinics will be cancelled until further notice.  I will be adding some daytime clinics shortly.  Please stay tuned or email me for details. 

about Clinics

Have fun and learn at the same time with Steve's Ladies clinics. Learn the fundamentals needed to enjoy this great game and gain the confidence you've always wanted when stepping onto the first tee. These clinics will take place at Oakville Executive Golf Course and Joshua Creek Driving Range.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, there is a clinic for you.   

Beginners Clinics

Our beginner clinics are a fun and friendly introduction to the game of golf.  These clinics will help you develop solid fundamentals and introduce you to all areas of the game.  You will learn skills that will help you with the Full Swing (Irons and Woods) thru to the Short Game (Putting, Chipping and Pitching).  The main objective of these clinics is to get you comfortable with the game and give you the confidence to walk onto the first tee.

Clinic Structure 

-5 x 1 hour sessions (Consecutive Weeks)

-Basic Swing Fundamentals - grip, set-up, motion, finish

-Basic Short Game Fundamentals - putting, chipping, pitching

-Aiming and Alignment

-Fun and Friendly learning environment

-balls provided (clubs provided if needed)

-max class size = 5 students

Intermediate Clinics
Clinic Structure 

Our intermediate clinics are for the more seasoned player or for returning students.  Clinics will focus on fine tuning the fundamentals that have been previously learned as well as adding new swing techniques and thoughts.  There will be more one on one time in these clinics allowing each student to work on specific problems they are having.  Much like the beginners clinics, we will work on the Full Swing (Iron and Woods) and Short Game (Putting, Chipping, and Pitching).  Take your game to the next level with these clinics and walk to the first tee knowing you are going to hit a great shot!

-5 x 1 hour sessions (Consecutive Weeks)

-includes full swing and short game instruction

-Aiming and Alignment

-more one on one time to help specific problem areas

-Fun and Friendly learning environment

-balls provided (clubs provided if needed)

-max class size = 5 students


Clinic #1  Tuesdays @5pm

Tuesday May 19    5pm-6pm

Tuesday May 26    5pm-6pm

Tuesday June 2     5pm-6pm

Tuesday June 9     5pm-6pm

Tuesday June 16  5pm-6pm


Clinic # 2  Wednesdays @1pm

Wednesday May 20   1pm-2pm

Wednesday May 27   1pm-2pm

Wednesday June 3    1pm-2pm

Wednesday June 10  1pm-2pm

Wednesday June 17  1pm-2pm


Clinic #3  Wednesdays @610pm

Wednesday May 20    610pm-710pm

Wednesday May 27    610pm-710pm

Wednesday June 3     610pm-710pm

Wednesday June 10   610pm-710pm

Wednesday June 17   610pm-710pm


Clinic #4  Thursdays @11am

Thursday May 21    11am-12pm

Thursday May 28    11am-12pm

Thursday June 4     11am-12pm

Thursday June 11   11am-12pm

Thursday June 18   11am-12pm

Clinic #1 Mondays @ 4pm

Monday July 13   4pm-5pm

Monday July 20   4pm-5pm

Monday July 27   4pm-5pm

Monday Aug 10   4pm-5pm

Monday Aug 17   4pm-5pm

Clinic #2 Mondays @ 515pm

Monday July 13     515pm-615pm

Monday July 20     515pm-615pm

Monday July 27     515pm-615pm

Monday Aug 10     515pm-615pm

Monday Aug 17     515pm-615pm

Clinic #3 Wednesdays @ 4pm

Wednesday July 8     4pm-5pm

Wednesday July 15   4pm-5pm

Wednesday July 22   4pm-5pm

Wednesday July 29   4pm-5pm

Wednesday Aug 5     4pm-5pm

Clinic #4 Wednesdays @ 515pm

Wednesday July 8      515pm-615pm

Wednesday July 15   515pm-615pm

Wednesday July 22   515pm-615pm

Wednesday July 29   515pm-615pm

Wednesday Aug 5     515pm-615pm

Clinic #5  Wednesdays @630pm

Wednesday July 8      630pm-730pm

Wednesday July 15   630pm-730pm

Wednesday July 22   630pm-730pm

Wednesday July 29   630pm-730pm

Wednesday  Aug 5    630pm-730pm

Clinic #1  Tuesdays @5pm

Tuesday Sept 8       5pm-6pm

Tuesday Sept 15     5pm-6pm

Tuesday Sept 22     5pm-6pm

Tuesday Sept 29     5pm-6pm

Tuesday Oct 6          5pm-6pm


Clinic # 2  Wednesdays @5pm

Wednesday Sept 9    5pm-6pm

Wednesday Sept 16  5pm-6pm

Wednesday Sept 23  5pm-6pm

Wednesday Sept 30  5pm-6pm

Wednesday Oct 7       5pm-6pm


Clinic #3  Wednesdays @610pm

Wednesday Sept 9     610pm-710pm

Wednesday Sept 16   610pm-710pm

Wednesday Sept 23   610pm-710pm

Wednesday Sept 30   610pm-710pm

Wednesday Oct 7        610pm-710pm


Clinic #4  Thursday @11am

Thursday Sept 10    11am-12pm

Thursday Sept 17    11am-12pm

Thursday Sept 24    11am-12pm

Thursday Oct 1         11am-12pm

Thursday Oct 8         11am-12pm

Additional dates and times are available if you have a private group

$160.00 per student

-private groups welcome

-rain days will be made up after the original sessions are complete 

-clubs available if needed

-please wear running shoes or golf shoes and comfortable clothing

Click below to find out more information or to sign up!