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Winter Golf
Welcome to Transcend Golf

Welcome to Transcend Golf.  Fueled by a love of golf and the players who love the game, we are creating an immersive indoor world designed to make golf accessible to anyone, at anytime - no matter their skill level. Just walk in, choose your course, and start swinging.

Private Lessons
Lessons run for 50 minutes.  Prices include facility fee
1 Lesson                   $125
3 Lessons                $315
5  Lessons               $475
10 Lessons               $850
Semi-Private Lessons
Lessons run for 1 hour.  Prices include facility fee
1 Lesson            $160 ($80/student)
3 Lessons          $420 ($210/student)
5  Lessons         $600 ($300/student)    
Ladies Clinics 

Ladies, don't let winter keep you away from the game you love!  Join our Winter Ladies Golf Clinics for an exciting indoor golf experience.  Stay warm and improve your skills with expert instruction, camaraderie, and lots of fun.  No need to wait for spring - tee off with us this winter! Clinics are held at Transcend Golf in Mississauga and consist of 4 - 1 hour sessions.  Max 4 students per clinic.  Click the link below to see all of the clinic dates and times available. 

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