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Winter Golf
Welcome to Transcend Golf

Welcome to Transcend Golf. Fueled by a love of golf and the players who love the game, we're creating an immersive indoor world designed to make golf accessible to anyone, at anytime - no matter their skill level. Just walk in, choose your course, and start swinging.

Winter Rates
Private Lessons
Lessons run for 50 minutes.  Prices include facility fee
1 Lesson                    $110
3 Lessons                  $300
5  Lessons                 $450
10 Lessons                $800
Semi-Private Lessons
Lessons run for 1 hour.  Prices include facility fee
1 Lesson            $160 ($80/student)
3 Lessons          $420 ($210/student)
5  Lessons         $600 ($300/student)      
Ladies Clinics 
4 Sessions       $150
More Lesson Options Will Be Announced Shortly 
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