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After School Clinics


Our After School Golf Camps are all about having fun!!  These camps have been running for 12 years and will help every student learn the skills, rules and etiquette needed to enjoy this great game we call golf.  The after school camps are for students aged 8-16 and for all levels.  Whether the student needs a tune up for the upcoming season or they are brand new to the game.  These programs will consist of 4 - 1 hour sessions.  Two sessions will be held at Joshua Creek Driving Range and Two Sessions will be at Oakville Executive Golf Course.

After School Clinics Include:




Full Swing



5:1 Teacher to Student Ratio

Golf Clubs Available (Free)

$125.00 Per Student
2022 Spring Schedule
2022 Fall Schedule

Clinic #1  Tuesdays @5pm. (FULL)

Tuesday May 3       5pm-6pm

Tuesday May 10     5pm-6pm

Tuesday May 17      5pm-6pm

Tuesday May 24     5pm-6pm

Clinic # 2  Wednesdays @445pm(Full)

Wednesday  May 4     445pm-545pm

Wednesday  May 11    445pm-545pm

Wednesday  May 18   445pm-545pm

Wednesday  May 25   445pm-545pm

Clinic #3  Wednesdays @6pm (FULL)

Wednesday May 4     6pm-7pm

Wednesday May 11    6pm-7pm

Wednesday May 18    6pm-7pm

Wednesday May 25    6pm-7pm

Clinic #4  Tuesdays @500pm(Full)

Wednesday June 7     500pm-600pm

Wednesday June 14   500pm-600pm

Wednesday June 21   500pm-600pm

Wednesday June 28  500pm-600pm

Clinic # 5 Wednesdays @445pm(Full)

Tuesday June 8     445pm-545pm

Tuesday June 15    445pm-545pm

Tuesday June 22   445pm-545pm

Tuesday June 29   445pm-545pm

Clinic #6 Wednesdays @6pm (Full)

Wednesday June 8     6pm-7pm

Wednesday June 15    6pm-7pm

Wednesday June 22   6pm-7pm

Wednesday June 29   6pm-7pm


Clinic #7 Tuesdays @4pm (Full)

Tuesday June 7       4pm-5pm

Tuesday June 14     4pm-5pm

Tuesday June 21     4pm-5pm

Tuesday June 28     4pm-5pm


Clinic #4 Wednesdays @4pm 

Wednesday  September 14  400pm-500pm

Wednesday September 21    400pm-500pm

Wednesday September 28   400pm-500pm

Wednesday October 5          400pm-500pm


Clinic #5 Wednesdays @515pm 

Wednesday  September 14  515pm-615pm

Wednesday September 21    515pm-615pm

Wednesday September 28   515pm-615pm

Wednesday October 5          515pm-615pm


Clinic #6 Wednesdays @630pm 

Wednesday  September 14  630pm-730pm

Wednesday September 21    630pm-730pm

Wednesday September 28   630pm-730pm

Wednesday October 5          630pm-730pm


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