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Steve Brackenbury - GSEB, TPI

-Director of Golf - Oakville Executive Golf Courses
-Director of Instruction - Transcend Golf
-Teaching Professional - Joshua Creek Driving Range

-Owner - Whole in One Summer Golf Camp
-Authorized Golfing Machine Instructor
-Scott Cowx Certified Instructor 
-U.S Kids Golf Certified

-Titleist Performance Institute Certified 
-Scott Cowx Certified
-Canadian Putting Zone Instructor
-Canadian Golf Fitness Instructor

Coming from a long line of avid golfers, Steve discovered golf at the age of 5 and has made it his passion ever since!  Steve started working in the golf industry and has been consumed in it for over 25 years. He started his journey at Dalewood GC working in the back shop at the age of 15 and since then has held numerous titles at different facilities ranging from golf shop assistant to Director of Golf.  Steve is an Authorized Golfing Machine Instructor and continues his studies towards his Golf Stroke Engineering Masters. He has 17 years of teaching experience and teaches all ages and skill levels ranging from the weekend golfer to the tournament player.  Steve has consulted with and learned from some of the greatest golf minds and teachers in the world, including Joe Daniels, Chuck Evans, Mark Blackburn and Scott Cowx.  With all of the experience Steve has gained over the years, teaching is what he loves the most. Steve has a clear and simple teaching approach and has a passion for helping students improve their game no matter what level they are or goals they wish to accomplish.

Past Experience and Positions 
-Director of Golf - Oakville Executive Golf Course - Present
-Director of Instruction - Transcend Golf - Present
-Teaching Professional - Joshua Creek Range - Present 

-Owner - Whole in One Golf Camp - Present
-Head Teaching Professional - Oakville Executive GC
-Director of Golf/Owner - The Sports Training Academy - Golf Academy
-Head Teaching Professional - White Oaks Golf Club
-Assistant Teaching Professional - White Oaks Golf Club
-Pro Shop Manager - White Oaks Golf Club
-Caddy - Canadian Golf Tour
Steve Brackenbury, GSEB, TPI

Steve Kostoff - CPGA

-Class "A" Head Professional - PGA of Canada
-General Manager @ Wolf Run GC 


Tell people more about this item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. To I have had the opportunity of working with Steve Brackenbury this winter at The Sports Training Academy.  Steve has made me feel at home and has opened the door to me instructing at this facility.  As a 35 year member of the PGA of Canada I have had the opportunity of meeting and working with many professionals in many capacities.  Steve stands out from any teacher I have met.  He has decided on a path and is pursuing it aggressively.  He has and is working with some of North America's most knowledgeable teacher's including Joe Daniels and Dr. Matthew M. Rosman.  He is innovative and diligent.  His goal is to be the best instructor in Canada and he is pursuing the correct path. 

Doug Warner

CPGA, Professional

Steve Brackenbury is a young man whom I have known and been associated with for several years.  I have been impressed by his growth as a person and as a golf instructor.  He is constantly searching for knowledge and a way to improve that knowledge.  He has an excellent rapport with both the public and his coworkers.

Attila Becsy

CPGA, Life Member

I have been taking golf lessons from Steve for the past four years. My game has shown continuous improvement; both in my ball striking and where it matters most my scores. Steve has shown me how the golf club should move throughout the swing and how it feels to me, from there we have developed (and continue to develop) a swing motion that works for me and my capabilities. Steve is not stuck on a “method”. Because of his knowledge and understanding of how the club moves he tailors his instruction to the individual. Whether you are a golfer playing at the highest level or just starting out in the game Steve will work with you to get the results you are looking for.  Steve is always professional, and makes 100% effort every session.

Rob D.

Oakville, On.

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I happened to sign up my wife for golf lessons at the Sports Training Academy where we met Steve Brackenbury who provided excellent instruction for both of us. Steve teaches a simple repeatable system that really put us on a path to a much better swing and better scores. I would highly recommend Steve.

Mike Jenson

Oakville, On.

I am still very new to the game of golf and was given a voucher for use at STA to brush up my skills prior to going on vacation. I found the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I decided to take a series of lessons with Steve Brackenbury and with his patience and non judgemental instruction, I really feel my game improved. I would recommend STA to anyone interested in golf or any other sport. The facility is active, fun and very well equipped.

Dixie M.

Oakville, ON

Steve is a great golf instructor! He breaks the golf swing down and makes it easy to understand. He's a lefty as well if there are left handed golfers out there that believe a like handed instructor can help them. 

Russ A.

Mississauga, ON

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